Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng separated

Hong Kong singer cum actress Gigi Leung separated with his boyfriend Ekin Cheng after 7 years of long run relationship.

The rumors of them separated started a few weeks ago, but it was the first time that Gigi officially confirming the news. According to Gigi herself, because of busy work schedule from both, they were getting less time together and their relationship was not as close, thus led to their decision to separate. Gigi also said that she and Ekin seperated peacefully and will remain as friends.

The news however have other ideas, stating that the rising career of Gigi Leung and the opposite misfortune of Ekin Cheng had led to arguments and in the end separation.

Some people actually think that it is a happy news as they still can’t forgive Gigi and Ekin getting together 7 years ago when Ekin is still having a girlfriend (also an actress).

I however believe love is a subjective thing that the outsiders can hardly really understand, only those who are involve in the relationship will understand the love. Thus I wish Gigi Leung all the best and hope that she can find her real love again pretty soon, same wishes for Ekin Cheng as well.


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