Express Boy

Express Boy, He Jun Xiang and Xu Wei Lun

“Express Boy” was one of the highest rating tv series in Taiwan last year, starring Mike He Jun Xiang and Hsu Wei Lun.

The TVBS-G tv series was broadcasted across Asia including Malaysia and Japan, and received quite a good response as well.

The storyline was about Tie-Nan (by Mike He Jun Xiang) was an ex-convict from a mafia family but decided to start a new life by establishing a delivery company namely “Express Boy”. During his 2 years operation, Tie-Nan had hired a few youngster that were ex-gangster wanting to start a new life as well, and together they worked and fought hard for “Express Boy” to achieve a successful future.

Tie-Nan was in love with Rong-Rong (by Hsu Wei Lun) since childhood, but his cowardness to confess led to Rong-Rong falling in love with a policeman who was also a friend cum enemy of Tie-Nan. Tie-Nan’s determination and caring for Rong-Rong in the end touched her heart and just when they started to get along as couple, Tie-Nan family was struck by disaster and betrayal.

Tie-Nan made a decision to take care of his family and forced to engaged against the mafias, and this decision had led to crisis between his relationship with Rong-Rong.. so what will happen in the end? Watch the series yourself lar :lol:

Taiwan series nowadays rely too much on those handsome and beautiful faces of the idols and careless about the quality of scripts and directing. “Express Boy” however make an exception, the story plot is actually quite ok and the cast performances are quite good.. at least better than most of the other Taiwan series in 2005.

Ripping the most rewards from the “Express Boy” drama is Mike He Jun Xiang, his popularity is getting immense everyday in Asia with his leading role in the tv series.


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