American Idol 2006, new season

American Idol is back!! American Idol is marching into its 5th season in 2006, auditions across the countries are running across 7 cities, with thousands of people lining up for a chance of stardom.

Paula, Randy and the obnoxious-but-normally-right Simon are back again with the host Ryan Seacrest as well.

American Idol is one of the most popular tv show in USA for the past 4 seasons, and successfully produced a few great superstar singers. The most remarkable achivement is by Kelly Clarkson, the first season winner. Kelly’s powerful voice has allow her to excel both in album sales and music recognition for being nominated in the Grammys.

And the great part during the audition is that those poor quality “singers” might get a lucky chance to be a star if they manage to sing their song really bad, they at least got a few seconds on air. And who can forget about the “Accidental Idol” William Hung with the one hit single “She Bangs”.

For American Idol the show itself, the 2005 season could be the most successful as they actually produced 2 outstanding singers with Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice. The votes for both of them were very tight all the way with Carrie in the end won the competition. Both Carrie and Bo has just released their debut album.

American Idol will premiere in US on 17th January, let’s enjoy the show!


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