Zhang Zinan is the elder brother (6 years older) of international superstar actres Zhang Ziyi, and he got married on 1st January 2006. Zhang Ziyi being very close to her brother had attended the wedding dinner.

Ziyi was asked to speak a few words during the ceremony, and was introduced as ‘famous international superstar’ by the host. What Ziyi said afterwards makes me proud of her.

Ziyi first clarified that at the night of his brother’s wedding, she was just a sister to her brother, a daughter to her parents, a niece and cousin to her relatives.. and that she was extremely happy that night, feeling better than winning any awards.

As expected Ziyi’s friends and relatives all flocked to her for photographs after the ceremony, and she happily complied to their request.

I think that it was very sweet of Ziyi to show how caring she is for her family and friends, and that she is just a simple girl that happened to be famous. For the past year Ziyi was heavily critized in China for being agony and betrayal for taking the role as a Japanese Geisha (China people still hate Japanese for World War 2 invasion).

The truth is Zhang Ziyi has been working hard to achieve what she are today, yes she is a bit lucky but she is always willing to learn, she is humble, and she is polite and adorable most of the time. And on her brother’s wedding, with no crowd of journalists or reporters, Zhang Ziyi showed who she really is, and why she deserved to be so popular and lovable.

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