Shane Ward, X-Factor winnerShane Ward, the winner of UK’s X-factor singing talent show had grabed the top spot of UK singles chart for 2 weeks now with his song “That’s My Goal”

Shane won the X-Factor singing competition on 17th December and almost instantly recorded and released his first singing album.

I had the chance to see a few episodes of the UK’s tv singing talent show during my stay in London last October, I already predicted Shane to be the winner at the very beginning. He got the look, he got a sweet voice and he is such a nice young lad.. a perfect combination to make him the eventual winner and a good singer.

For people who don’t know, X-Factor is a popular singing talent show in UK where the tv viewers voted to decide who is the winner. Compared to similar shows like American Idol in US, X-Factor has more twist as the judges play a more important role on both nurturing and deciding the participants future.

If you would like to know more about X-Factor, visit their official website.

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