Japan NHK’s annual new year eve music show, the “Red vs White Singing Contest” (Kohaku Utagassen) has received good viewer ratings this year.

This Japanese show which started in 1951 was once very popular in Japan and even in some other Asia area, I remember watching this show in my childhood. But recent years the viewer ratings are dropping sharply with competition from various other productions and new year eve events.

The show traditional divided the Japanese artist into 2 groups, the “Red” and the “White” and have segments where each group will send their representative for singing duo. Winners will be selected each segment and in the end decided which team won the contest.. the ‘contest’ is more for entertainment purpose, so who is winning it is not that critical, the fun and joy in the process is what that capture the tv audience.

This year the ratings improvement was partly contributed by the influence of Japanese popular group SMAP and popular host Monta Mino. Hopefully the show will continuously be successful in coming years.

NHK (Nihon H?s? Ky?kai) is Japan Broadcasting Corporation, founded in 1926 and is Japan public broadcast network.

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