VH1.com 50 sexiest actress

VH1 has rated the 50 sexiest (Hollywood) actress in the last 20 years, the top 10..

10. Jennifer Lopez
9. Cameron Diaz
8. Juliette Binoche
7. Salma Hayek
6. Zhang Ziyi
5. Penelope Cruz
4. Naomi Watts
3. Scarlett Johansson
2. Halle Berry
1. Angelina Jolie

[via VH1.com]

I can’t agree with the rankings of the list, and I think the list are being biased to the recently popular actress and not equally ranked for the past 20 years. It would be better if they just name it 50 sexiest actress in 2005 instead.

Nonetheless, the list does cover bunch of gourgeous actress, and I’m suprise to see a few Asian in the list.. Zhang Ziyi (6), Maggie Cheung (11), Aishwarya Rai (12) and Michelle Yeoh (33).