Famous Taiwan show host Patty Ho ??? was rumored to be starring as ‘Xiao Long Nu’ (???) in the latest Taiwan version ‘Return of the Condo Hero’ (????). Based on the popular novel by the master Jin Yong ?? , ‘Legend of the Condo Hero’ has been made into series and movies numerous time; and most of the time received good ratings.

The character ‘Xiao Long Nu’ is vitally important, it’s said to be the prettiest lady ever featured in all Jin Yong novel, and the readers love it so much. The success of the series is already hinted by the selection of actress starring the character. Patty Ho was rumored to co-star with Korean superstar Rain.

At the meantime CCTV China is making the same series as well, featuring the rising star Liu Yi Fei ??? as ‘Xiao Long Nu’. The press and the Jin Yong fans immediately started comparing these 2..

Liu Yi Fei had the advantage in starring a few tv series and one of them is in the ‘Semi Gods and Demi Devils’ (based on another Jin Yong novel), and received good responses. Lots of viewers like her and think that she is one of the best choice to play the character.

Patty Ho at the meantime don’t have much acting experience, her love life with famous Jay Chou ??? was creating hatred among some of the people, particularly from die hard Jolin fans.

My personal opinion I don’t think Patty Ho is suitable for the role of ‘Xiao Long Nu’, I would prefer Liu Yi Fei indeed.

Btw Singaporean actress Fann Wong ??? also starred in one of the version of ‘Legend of the Condo Hero’ as ‘Xiao Long Nu’ and was very successful.

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