Avril Lavigne go acting

Yupe Avril Lavigne is going to feature in a movie “The Flock” starring Richard Gere and Claire Danes. Not much details are revealed about her acting character, but surely is that she is not holding any major roles in the movie.

Her fame and achievement in music industry didn’t provide her an automatic ticket to star in the movie, she had to go through standard audition process just like many others.

Avril Lavigne has been acting in quite some music videos for her album, so her acting is not entirely a new thing, I believe she will do well in the movie. What interested me is how serious is she about acting? What if the movie turn out to be a hit and people really love Avril as an actress? No answer to it yet, but for sure she will not be giving up music, in fact she is currently working on her 3rd album, which is expected to release soonest by end of 2006.