Summer Scent 2003

Summer Scent, Song Seung-hun, Son Ye-jin

My local tv started showing “Summer Scent” today, which comes a bit late but better than never. This is a much awaited TV drama by local viewers, starring the popular actor Song Seung Hun and actress Son Ye Jin.

The drama started Hye Won [by Ye Jin] as a school girl with heart problem; and Min Woo [by Seung Hun] lost his love, Eun Hye due to accident on their wedding day. Apparently Eun Hye’s heart was transplanted to Hye Won.

3 years later, Hye Won grew up to be a healthy and cheerful lady and waiting for her fiancee at the airport. Her heart suddenly pounced faster when a stranger passed by (who else? ..Min Woo) and the real stories begin.. typical Korean drama of faith-love-3 triangle-lost, nothing new.

Honestly if it was not because of Son Ye Jin starring in the drama, I probably won’t be watching it.. she is dang CUTE! Guess I will be in front of the tv for the next few weeks lol.


  1. […] Son Ye-jin starred in a few TV dramas and movies before her breakthrough in 2003, when she starred in the popular TV series “Summer Scent” with Song Seung-hun that made her one of the most popular actress in Korea and around Asia. […]

  2. […] Song Seung-hun was made famous by TV drama “Autumn In My Heart” (with Song Hye-kyo). This will be Song Seung-hun first TV appearance since “Summer Scent” in 2003 (with Son Ye-jin). […]