The 42nd Golden Horse Award (???) just ended an hour ago, to be fair it’s one of their best show in recent years.

This year event was hosted by experienced Hu Gua (??) and Patty (???), both are doing a fair job. Their mimic-kungfu-hustle drama performance at the interval of the show was worth an applause.


Best Drama ~ Kungfu Hustle
Best Director ~ Stephen Chou ???
Best Leading Actress ~ Shu Qi ?? (she is dead gorgeous!)
Best Leading Actor ~ Aaron Kwok ??? .. this one is a suprise?
Best Supporting Actress ~ Yuan Chiu ??
Best Supporting Actor ~ Anthony Wong ??? .. must be his 3rd or 4th gold horse now
Best Newcomer ~ Jay Chou ???

This year winners provided a happy ending to lots of the general public, for the reason that all (but one) who won the major awards are popular superstars.. the least well known is probably Yuan Chiu (??), whose kungfu apprentice was actually the master of Jacky Chan.

The overall quality of the chinese movies industry still has lots of rooms for improvement, no doubt we have good actors and actresses, and directors.. but we have really poor screen-writing. Overall we only have 3 or 4 films that is worth recommended this year, which is pity compared with the western movie industry.

Still a long way to go, and lets keep on going.

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