Lin Zhi Ling starring in John Woo movie?

Taiwan no 1 top model, Lin Zhi Ling went for an audition for the new John Woo’s latest film ‘The War of the Red Cliff’, which the leading actor is most likely the hollywood ‘star’ Chow Yun Fatt.

Zhi Ling has been active again after resting for 3 months due to a horseriding accident during the filming of a tv commercial, she has already been scheduled to host the Golden Bell Award this month and started working on various tv shows again.

Despite an amazing career in modelling (and recently tv/show hosting) in recent years, Zhi Ling had never involved in any movies production.. and thus her being to the audition had sparked lots of interest of the media.

Imagine Zhi Ling with the leading actress role, acting alongside Chow Yun Fatt in a movie directed by John Woo, lol this is going to be the best free promotion any producer can get.