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Avril Lavigne Profile

Name: Avril Ramona Lavigne
Birth date: September 27, 1984
Birth place: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5′ 2″
Family: Parents, a brother and a sister
Husband: Deryck Whibley
Profession: Singer and song writer

Avril Lavigne Biography

A pop-rock-singer, a gifted song writer and a young skater punk girl happy wife, that is Avril Lavigne.

Born in Belleville but at age of 5 moved to Napanee, a small town with population of 5000. Avril has been noticeable popular in her neighborhood for her music talent, where she sang for church choir.

At the age of 13 Avril was given a chance to sing on stage with country singer Shania Twain for winning a local radio singing contest. (Little was expected though, that the little girl would one day become an idol as big as Shania Twain.)

Avril was later discovered by her first professional manager Cliff Fabri and invited by local folksinger Stephen Medd to sing a few songs for his albums.

At 16, Avril Lavigne was signed by Nettwerk Management and was brought to New York to work on her demo tape. However, before she completed her demo, Avril was spotted by AvrKen Krongard from Arista Records and introduced to CEO Antonio L.A. Reid.

Avril Lavigne was immediately signed by Arista… and soon released her first single “Complicated” in spring 2002. Complicated was an instant hit and climbed to the top of various music charts.

Avril Lavigne then released her first album, “Let Go” in June 2002. Avril Lavigne’s debut album was a huge success, with songs hitting top of the charts all around the world. “Complicated” is still one of my personal favorite, other hit songs include “Sk8er Boi” and “I’m With You” etc.

Avril Lavigne won 4 Canada Juno Awards in 2003 and was nominated for 8 US Grammy Awards with her first solo album.

Avril Lavigne released her second album, “Under My Skin” in 2004 and again it’s a massive success. She co-wrote most of her songs just like her first album.

In 2005, Avril Lavigne signed for Ford modeling agency and appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in February 2006, where she portray a different image than her usual punky style.

Her ‘elegant’ image had received mix reviews but Avril Lavigne showed the world that she’s more than just a punky rocker, but can be classy and feminine as well.

Avril has started involving with movies in 2006, including animated film “Over the Hedge” as voice actress, and will be making appearances in “Fast Food Nation,” and “The Flock” alongside Richard Gere.

Avril Lavigne married with “Sum 41? frontman Deryck Whibley on July 15, 2006.

Avril Lavigne released her 3rd album, “The Best Damn Thing” in 2007.

Why I like Avril Lavigne

I like Avril Lavigne for the fact that she wrote her own song, and the song is so ‘real’… it’s like telling her real life story in a musical.

I love Avril’s song, her album Under My Skin is one of the very few CDs I own, and is still one of my favorite album.

Not the typical pretty face, but Avril Lavigne does look hot.

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