Soong Ai Ling

Soong Ai Ling

Soong Ai Ling Profile

Name: Soong Ai Ling
Chinese name: ???
Birthdate: January 31
Birth place: Malaysia
Height: 5′ 6″
Spoken Languages: English, B.Malaysia and various Chinese dialects
Profession: Model, business woman, former VJ and TV host
Hobbies : Music, shopping, sports and travelling

Soong Ai Ling Biography

One of the most recognizable faces in Malaysia, Soong Ai Ling first started her career in modeling and appeared on various TV commercials in teenage.

Ai Ling advanced her career as a VJ for the highly rated Rim-Chart Show in 1999-2001 and hosted another popular Chinese variety show, “E-life” in 2003/2004.

Ai Ling ventured into the business world opening a nail salon in 2005.

The entertainment industry is not well developed in Malaysia in early years especially for local Chinese; it’s a rarity for Ai Ling to make success in Malaysia entertainment arena.

Although Ai Ling is not as popular as she was active in TV screen years ago, she still got a good fan base in her homeland Malaysia.

Why I like Soong Ai Ling

Soong Ai Ling was one of the prettiest ladies in Malaysia, and she’s a great role model in Malaysia entertainment world.

Only in recent years that Chinese entertainment seems to boom in Malaysia, before that it’s not easy for people like Ai Ling to create fame, they very much had to work on their own… and I admire that kind of determination.

Soong Ai Ling Pictures and Photos

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