Japanese artist Takako Matsu

Matsu Takako profile

Name: Matsu Takako (Takako Matsu)
Japanese name: ? ???
Chinese name: ???
Birth name: Fujima Takako (?? ??)
Birth date: June 10, 1977
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 166cm
Blood type: A
Family members: Parents, a brother and a sister
Education: University Asia (did not graduate)
Profession: Actress and singer

Hobbies: Photography, driving and stage play
Pets: Dogs named Mush and Toto
Favorite food: Tofu (bean curd)
Favorite actor: Denzel Washington
Favorite band: The Beatles

Matsu Takako biography

Matsu Takako was born in an artist family. She started her acting career in stage drama (still actively involved) in 1993 at Tokyo Kabukiza before making her screen debut in 1994 NHK Drama “War of Roses.”

Matsu Takako starred in a few other dramas (with small roles) before getting widely noticed in 1996 when co-starring Kimura Takuya in popular TV series “Long Vacation.” It was Takako’s later TV series “Love Generation” with Takuya again that burst her into superstar status in 1997, and she remained popular ever since.

It was also in 1997 that Takako released her first album “Sora No Kagami.” She is one of the very few Japanese female superstars that never posed for any swimsuit modeling, so you probably won’t find much of her sexy photos anywhere.

Takako and Kimura reunited in 2006 for a special one night edition of “Hero“, a drama which was originally aired in 2001.

Matsu Takako has starred in over 30 movies and drama series, plus dozens of stage performances in her acting career.

Matsu Takako pictures and news (old)

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